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Luxurious but Affordable with Innovation in Function, Quality, and Design

As her name, Sera Hwang (Sera: Heavenly, Winged Angel in Latin; Hwang: Gold in Chinese), suggests, Sera wants to create handbags that feel as if winged heavenly angels lift you up to the world of luxurious golden world if you carry Sera Hwang’s handbags wherever you go, but she also wants to make sure those handbags are simple, fun, and very functional for the people who live complicated and demanding daily lifestyle. With these ideas in the concept of “changeable handbags”, Sera enriches the handbags by integrating the very unique five traditional Korean colors (Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White) inside and outside of the handbags. By blending those colors innovatively, Sera creates very unique and very beautiful fashion handbags that bring out the spirit of the resilient and ever changing Korean history and culture.


The Brand Name, “Serah”

At Sera International, Sera wants to create a fashion handbag brand that coincides with words such as, “Luxurious”, Innovative”, “Functional” and “Quality”. In order to make sure that each “changeable” handbag that she creates bears the definitions of those four words, Sera has decided to use her name, Sera Hwang, as the brand name for handbags. A handbag designed with the Sera Hwang’s innovative changeable handbag concept can allow a handbag to be changed in several ways in terms of looks and functionalities. This is achieved by ways of changing the outer fabric or outer covering and the handle of the handbag. This allows the handbags to look and feel different depending on the different types of outer converging and handles, thus it can accommodate individuals’ various occasions with one handbag. This outer coverings and handles can change the handbag’s looks very different--it looks though you feel that you have different handbags every time when the handbags have different outer coverings and handles. This innovative idea of “one handbag with many styles and designs” gives Sera Hwang brand very competitive advantages in the pursuit of becoming the best innovative handbags maker in the world fashion market.

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Membership: On ECPlaza since 2016
Business Type: Manufacturer
Location: Seoul, Korea
Product Category: Other Handbags & Messenger Bags
Main Item / Product: Bag Handles,bag,machining
Keywords: Bags, bag machining, Bag Handles
Main Target Region: World Wide
Representative / CEO's Name: Hwang Hui
Year Established: 2016

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